Piece Unique Amadeo Fleurier Amadeo

Sincere Fine Watches presents Singapore's First Bovet's Exhibition Featuring The Amadeo Fleurier Amadeo

A unique piece created exclusively for Sincere Fine Watches

Sincere Fine Watches was proud to host the opening evening of Bovet’s Exhibition at their boutique in The Shopping Gallery at The Hilton on Wednesday, 28th August 2013.  The exhibition ran from 28th August to 4th September and showcased Bovet’s tradition of watchmaking excellence as well as their unrivalled mastery of the decorative arts. The highlight of the exhibition was the piece unique created especially for Sincere Fine Watches, the Amadeo Fleurier Amadeo.

An exclusive group of 30 VIPs from Sincere were invited on the opening night of the exhibition to view, for the first time in Singapore, Bovet’s timepieces in enamel, mother of pearl and engraving. Each piece epitomized the creative and artisanal craftsmanship of the brand since their founding in 1822.  To truly provide an interactive experience for the guests, Bovet flew an engraver and enameller down from Switzerland to demonstrate their respective trades in person. Guests were encouraged to try a hand at both skills to understand the technique involved to achieve the craftsmen’s’ level of perfection.

Guests were also drawn to the extremely rare and fine antique pocket watches from Bovet Museum that referenced their long history with Imperial China. Pieces such as The Butterfly (1828), La Madonna della Sedia (1830s), Romeo & Juliet (1830s), the Mandarin Duck (1835), and Mille Fleurs (1840s), were all made for the Chinese market and exemplified the brilliantly executed craftsmanship of Bovet, even back in the 19th century. 

To commemorate this exhibition, Bovet created the Amadeo Fleurier Amadeo, a unique one of a kind piece for Sincere Fine Watches. This 7-day Skeleton Tourbillon, with reversed hand-fitting that can be converted into a wrist watch, a pocket watch or a table clock, has a bespoke Fleurisanne patterned hand-engraved case that was created exclusively for Sincere. Guests were very impressed with the artistic detail and the intricate engravings on both sides of the movement of the Amadeo Fleurier Amadeo.

Bovet’s philosophy to bring out the beauty in every part of their timepieces has set the standard in Haute Horlogerie. The exhibition displays their unwavering belief that every timepiece they create is a piece of art; a form of harmony, exuberance and controlled passion.

August 30, 2013