The Master Craftsmen & Bespoke Art, Malaysia


Sincere Fine Watches presents
The Master Craftsmen And Bespoke Art

Sincere Fine Watches celebrates the pinnacle of watchmaking artistry with “The Master Craftsmen and Bespoke Art”, a new platform by Sincere Fine Watches to feature Great Masters within the world of haute horlogerie and each house’s unique, one-of-a-kind service.

This new platform began with featuring three brands known for creating unique pieces that pushes the boundaries of traditional high watchmaking and bespoke craftsmanship to their limits: GREUBEL FORSEY with “Science and Art”, CHRISTOPHE CLARET with “The Art of Chime”, and BOVET with “The Beauty of Enamel”.

Esteemed guests of Sincere Fine Watches attended the intimate dinner held at the serene and newly refurbished Italian restaurant, Senja, at Saujana Golf and Country Club. The restaurant has been transformed to resemble an art gallery, showcasing each brand’s history with the key product that represents the brand’s bespoke art.

Guests were treated to a personal presentation from each of the three Great Masters present. Mr Pascal Raffey (General Manager, Asia Pacific, Bovet), enchanted guests with Bovet’s tradition in decorative arts for its dials and movements with “The Beauty of Enamel”. Guests were enthralled to see Bovet’s signature piece, Amadeo Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III up close and were able to witness Bovet’s engraver from their Manufacture showcasing the art of miniature painting.

Mr Christophe Claret (Founder of Christophe Claret) himself was excited to interact with esteemed guests and watch afficionado’s as he introduced the minute repeater, one of the most noteworthy specialties of their Manufacture. This specialty entitled “Art of Chime” was showcased in none other than their star piece, the Soprano. The Soprano associates two of the finest horological complications – a sixty second tourbillion and the minute repeater which plays full Westminster quarter notes, and employs four circular gongs fit by four hammers that are visible on the dial.

Representing Greubel Forsey was Mr Stephen Greubel (Co-founder of Greubel Forsey), who enthusiastically explained Grebuel Forsey’s belief that technical and STRUCTURAL aspects are inextricably linked through “Science and Art”. Their belief was exquisitely portrayed in the Art Piece 1 – the ultimate expression of artistic inspiration and science that represents their spirit to create innovative architecture. The Art Piece 1 is a unique piece, developed from the creative partnership with British sculptor Willard Wigan to jointly create an entirely new timepiece which incorporates a miniature microscope, and housing a microsculpture by Wigan complemented by a sublime 30˚ inclined double tourbillion.

Guests were thrilled to be able to continue satisfying their curiosity of haute horlogerie with these Great Masters over dinner as they sat down to enjoy a delicious four-course-meal specially created by Senja accompanied by a sultry Jazz band.

With this presentation of the Master Craftsmen and their bespoke art, Sincere Fine Watches hopes to bring a new perspective of artisanal horological beauty to Malaysian watch collectors.

February 5, 2015