Audemars Piguet Master Dinner Series, Malaysia

Audemars Piguet Master Dinner Series, Malaysia


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In conjunction with the 100 Tourbillons Exhibition, Sincere Fine Watches co-hosted an exclusive master series private dinner with Audemars Piguet to showcase Audemars Piguet’s High Complications Timepieces as well as their Tourbillons. The exclusive showcase and dinner event took place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at Marble 8 on 26 November 2014. The is a platform initiated by Sincere Watch in recognition of the mastery in watchmaking, and sought Audemars Piguet to celebrate in this exciting occasion. Hosts for the evening were Deputy General Manager of Sincere Fine Watches, Mr. Gary Chow, and General Manager of Audemars Piguet Southeast Asia, Mr. Antonio Seward.

The evening began with an enlightening discussion on vintage timepieces and the history of the brand with Michael Dubs, Regional Customer Service Training Manager at Audemars Piguet Singapore. Under the tutelage of Mr Dubs, distinguished guests were delighted to be able to try their hand at assembling watch pieces while viewing the remarkable antique timepieces on display. Audemars Piguet, the oldest fine watch-making manufacturers presented their JULES AUDEMARS CHRONOMETER WITH AP ESCAPEMENT CALIBRE 2908, JULES AUDEMARS TOURBILLON CALIBRE 2906, JULES AUDEMARS PERPETUAL CALENDAR, ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE GRANDE COMPLICATION and TRADITIO N PERPETUAL CALENDAR.

Audemars Piguet’s history and heritage were beautifully presented in the form of their antique timepieces. Four complications make up the Grande Complication, REPEATERS, ASTRONOMY, CHRONOGRAPHS and ESCAPEMENTS and each complication were represented by two to three vintage timepieces. Distinguished guests were able to visually see the evolution of Audemars Piguet’s craft through various timepieces ranging from the year 1895 to 2014.

Guests who attended that evening were treated to a decadent 5-course dinner and were completely immersed throughout the evening in the world of fine watch-making. From being able to assemble watch pieces to viewing antique timepieces from Audemar Piguet’s museum, avid watch collectors were truly enthralled by the heritage and craftsmanship of Audemar Piguet’s time pieces.

November 26, 2014